The Price

Kit price with battery pack and Installation*

Fully Electric 2cv from our stock.


from £32500.00

Optional Extras

3kw charger


Heated windscreen

All prices including VAT

*This price does not include any work needed to get your 2cv into a fit state so we can fit our EV kit such as any welding or chassis replacement.

When and Where Can I See It?
We have a working prototype which is available for test drives. Please contact us to arrange a test drive.

When will the 2cEv be available?
There is currently a six months lead time.

If you would like to book your 2cv in please contact us to reserve your place.We will require a £1000 deposit.

But I do not own a 2cv

Do not worry if you do not own a 2CV we can supply a fully electric 2cv from £29000.

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