Say Hello to Our 2cEv

We are pleased to announce the birth of our Electric Citroën 2cv:

We have brought this iconic car straight into the 21st century.

It would have been easy just to fit an electric motor to the 2cv but without careful  consideration, we could have ended up destroying the soul of the 2cv.

However, over many years, we believe we have created the perfect 2cv for the electric age. We have retained the DNA and sprit of the 2cv but have replaced its petrol engine with an electric heart.

We have tuned the electrics to give more torque for a more relaxing drive but at the same time we have been sympathetic to the original 602cc performance.

We hear you saying, “It’s the engine noise that makes the 2cv”, but we encourage you to think again…


Once you have driven the 2cEv, you soon realise that it is not just the 602cc engine that gives the 2cv its soul. You also get a better appreciation of the many other characteristics and features of the wonderful 2cv.

How do you drive the 2cEv?

Unplug, then take the drivers seat.
Turn the key. A few seconds later, after an automatic systems check, you will be ready for your adventure.
Select 3rd gear and away you go;
there is no need to use the clutch.

The 2cEv will pull away in 3rd gear very easily, we recommend you just leave it in 3rd gear and when you want to stop, just apply the brake. There is no need to use the clutch pedal.

The 2cEv really is that simple.


Our 2cEv kit is the only 2cv kit homologated for use in Europe.

We believe it is the only Electric vehicle conversion available in the UK which is fully homologated.

Is homologation important?

Yes, as it proves the EV kit has been fully tested.

It ensures the car weight distribution is correct and safe. Some EV conversion kits have too much weight in the back which will make the handling unsafe and dangerous.

It also ensures the battery has the correct safety features and is fitted correctly so in case of an accident the battery does not end up on your lap.


Another plus to owning a 2cEv is that you can use it all year round whereas most classic cars will spend the winter hibernating in your garage. 

You can still choose to hibernate your 2cEv over winter and get it out in spring, however if you do, then we recommend that you charge it to approximately 85-90% beforehand, as 90% of the initial charge will still be available after 6 months without recharging! When you get it out of hibernation, we recommend you give it a general look over such as check the tyre pressure, check the lights are working and check the screen wash then off you go!

This is quite unlike a petrol classic where you need to check the oil, charge the 12 volt battery, make sure the petrol has not gone bad and then hope it will start whilst you turn the key with your fingers crossed! Once you have done all this it’s time for a full service (plugs, points, oils etc), all this before you get to enjoy your classic! If you enjoy working on a classic then great. However, if you just want to enjoy the drive, our 2cEv is the way to go.” If you enjoy working on a classic then great. However, if you just want to enjoy the drive, our 2cEv is the way to go.”

Meet Eive


All Electric 2cv Van

Meet Eive


All Electric 2cv Van

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